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Meeting Your Needs On Your Terms

Peas and Love offers gardening help for any level that you may need.
Take a look below to find out what services we currently offer and get in touch with any additional questions or to schedule your project today.

Garden Consultation

4x6 Raised Garden Bed

Community Gardening
Vegetable Garden

An Expert, Only A Phone Call Away

A Turnkey Vegetable Garden

This is suggested if you want to DIY your garden, need help with Florida gardening or need advice about your current garden project.  We can discuss the probability of gardening at your location, what that would entail and come up with solutions.
Includes: -Up to a 1 hour, scheduled visit, via phone, in person, video call or text

Bursting with health benefits, full of flavor & lower environmental impact; vegetable gardening doesn't get any easier than this. We choose the best site for your garden, fully install, fill, plant, fertilize & mulch it for you. At the end of the installment, you are left with a garden "map" to identify your veggies and a custom, plant care guide crafted specifically for your culinary garden.
This also includes one follow up visit ~1-2 weeks after planting, at NO additional cost.
*Gardens REQUIRE a flat surface area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day and is close to a water source.*

Refresh & Replant

Custom Garden Builds

Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Grow Year Round, With Our Help

Want Something Different?

This is a great service if you want plentiful, year round production, with little work added onto your (already full) plate.
We will come back, season after season, to remove old/dying plants, plant in new, in-season varieties, refresh your soil & mulch, add in fertilizers which boost your soil and plant health and finish with a deep watering to establish deep root growth.

Want several garden beds? Need help planning a mini farm for your place of business or house of worship? Want a gardening expert to come talk to your students and provide some hands on activities? 
Reach out to us for a dream session! 
We have the passion and experience necessary to tackle just about any project that comes our way .