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What We Do & Who We Are

We help Tampa Bay grow its own food.


We design, build, install and plant your edible organic garden for you, leaving you to enjoy its harvest, season after season. 

We plant productive fruit trees, teach workshops & classes and if you prefer a more DIY approach, we help you dream up and design your own abundant gardening space.

Peas and Love was birthed out of a love for delicious, fresh, wholesome, local food and the desire to help people grow their own. Your food doesn't get any more flavorful or nutrient dense than when it's only traveling from your yard to your kitchen. 

Founder, Desiree' Sims, recalls her earliest memory was staring out of her  back door and picturing a vegetable garden growing there...she pursued that mission while in college and hasn't stopped.

With over 15 years of organic growing experience in the Tampa Bay area, we bring the vision to your backyard or place of business; helping you get your own fresh food straight to your table, season after season. Your home garden.

Let us partner with you today and help you get the edible garden you want, at the pace you desire.

Please look at our portfolio for pictures of recent work.

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Meet The Owner 
~Desiree' Sims~

See the plants growing in the background? That's okra. 

See that smile on the owner? That's how happy she is about growing veggies; so much so that she takes selfies with them!

Desiree' is a Florida native (third generation born & raised right her in Tampa Bay) & comes from a long line of "green thumbs" & farmers. Fun fact: her paternal Great Grandmother was Sadie Hatfield 

Desiree's passion for sustainable, healthy & tasty food shines through her work every day. She prides herself on producing plentiful bounties for her customers & brings over 15 years of growing experience to your garden.

While not gardening, she can be found playing with her crazy clan, reading a good book, beach side or sipping tea.

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